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These days, many foreign tourists can be seen all over Japan. Under such circumstances, we will organize customized tours that allows you to have a deep experience in Japan, not just a typical tourist destination such as Tokyo or Kyoto.


History Experience


You can plan History Experience Tours where tourists can enjoy Japanese ninja, samurai and princess costumes.

For example: Ohtaki Castle

Ohtaki Castle is known for the residence of Tadakatsu Honda, one of Tokugawa’s Big Four Generals who served Tokugawa’s first Shogun Ieyasu. The castle is now a historical museum for citizens and tourists (admission fee required). Here, you can put on armors and helmets that you wore when you headed to the battlefield in the Sengoku era when Japan was divided and fought against each other. Putting on formal samurai costumes and women’s kimonos, take pictures in front of the castle. After that, let’s have a Japanese lunch in the Otaki Castle garden.


You can plan History Experience Tours where tourists can enjoy Japanese ninja, samurai and princess costumes.


Wakayama Castle

Home Cooking Experience


Japanese home cooking experience

Let Japanese moms cook delicious Japanese home food. You can enjoy the real taste of Japan. Why don’t you ask mothers about various Japanese cultures while enjoying home cooking?

Handicrafts Production Experience
You can arrange local craft experiences.

For example: “Kurotake Craft Production Experience”

Hidaka Town in Wakayama Prefecture is the largest producer of Kurotake or black bamboo in Japan. Black bamboo is a luxury item used for handicrafts, interior decorations for high-class Japanese restaurants, gardening, and decorations of expensive furniture. Please touch the black bamboo. You must be inspired to make great crafts with them.

Fishing Experience

You can ride on a large boat used for fishing, which is usually not available, and go out from the fishing port to the sea and feel the sea breeze. If you are lucky, you can see dolphins!


Example of an inbound customized tour


Day 1

Kansai International Airport

Day 2 (AM)

Wakayama Castle

Day 2 (Afternoon)

Hidaka-cho Black Bamboo Crafts Experience

Day 3 (AM)

Free sightseeing in Tokyo

Day 3 (Afternoon)

Chiba HomeCooking Experience

Day 4 (AM)

Fishing Vessel Experience at Ohara Port

Day 4 (Afternoon)

Narita Airport

Reference cost

About 300,000 yen, including transportation, accommodation and interpretation fees

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