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Isumi Bonsai Day-trip Tour

 This is the tour where you can appreciate a variety of works produced by famous Bonsai artists in Isumi. You can also experience making Bonsai, or purchase the works. Lunch will be taken at Ebiya near Ohara fishing port where you can order what you would like to eat such as lobster, abalone or clam. The food cost will be charged individually.

 You will see the sculpture created by Nami no Ihachi in Gyoganji Temple and Izunadera Temple . It is believed that Hokusai Katsushika was inspired by this sculpture and painted waves.



Tour name

Isumi Bonsai Tour Day Trip


Depart Shinjuku 7:30 / Arrive Shinjuku 19:30

Supported language

English, Japanese

Reference minimum personnel

20 people

Reference fee

12,000 yen (20% infant rate)


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